Marijuana Bad? Hemp good! – Hemp business legal in all 50 states

I have had mixed feelings about the decriminalization of marijuana.
No one my age wants to disclose that the use of legal medical marijuana has been prescribed.
Who wants to sound like a “pothead”.
The fact is, there is a big difference between THC and CBD’s.
The CBD’s are what help take away and manage pain in a much more natural way than the synthetic medicines that my doctors have given me in the past like Vicodin…which destroys livers and is very addictive…as are some strains of marijuana. Without legal medical marijuana, Maria Lynn, my daughter’s last days would have been much less comfortable for her last year.
Therefore I have decided to put in writing my support for a company that utilizes hemp in the most natural form.
The name of the company is Kennaway and they produce legal hemp products one of which is a “vapor pen” that only disperses  CBD’s and ABSOLUTELY no THC.
They also have a product such as skin cream that contain hemp and I know most of my friends understand the benefits of hemp seeds. The cream actually slows down the aging process of skin.
Like most other product this company is a business. And it is a business that is growing by leaps and bounds.
Any of my friends that are interested in the product’s or their legal distribution should go to the link below.  since I have already purchased products, I am a “distributor”. But I promise you, this is not my motivation for getting the word out. For me, it is about making sure that natural remedies are not kept from any of us.
Here is the link to find out more..a LEGAL hemp business! Check it out!
If you buy any of the products you become eligible for tiny little kickbacks from future revenues brought in by people who purchase their hemp product’s.
I have done very well at finding opportunities that I believe in in the past. This is an opportunity that I see could really bring the marijuana narrative back to where it should be; not a product that makes you “high” but an herb that can and will be a natural cure for certain specific chronic pains.
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  1. Hi Gary… I enjoyed your comments… Please pass along information about our farm on Maui… Although we do not grow him or any help product… They certainly support your efforts

  2. Hello,
    I am the owner of United Hemp of Colorado. I would like to share some information.
    Hemp textiles are thousands of years old. Hemp was outlawed in the United States because it was a competitive product. Mainly the Dupont corp.(plastics) and William Hearst(paper). As a result,our land and seas are full of plastic and we have a green house affect because of deforestation. Outlawing Hemp and the way it was presented to the public was out right propaganda. In other words the outlawing of Hemp was against the law. There are thousands of products being produced today out of hemp in different parts of the world. Every thing from food to fuel to building products to clothing to medicine. Only in the United States of America has this wonderful miracle plant become such an evil threat. My goal at United Hemp of Colorado is to promote hemp and hemp products with proper information. Through communicating personal experiences and information documented, hopefully we will be able to re-introduce Hemp back to the public. One more statistic, Heroine,Cocaine,Meth combined do not come close to killing the amount of people that cigarettes do. In the thousands of years marijuana has been documented, it has always been documented as a medicine,with no deaths ever being reported up to date. Once again, United States of America propaganda. In reality, we promote and accept the two largest manmade killers in the WORLD. Cigarettes and Alcohol . We are at the tip of the iceberg with new research and information being revealed every day. The g-nome of the Indica marijuana plant has been mapped with over two hundred compounds revealed. Staggering implications. Oh yeah, one more thing, did you know the marijuana plant is one of the only plants in the plant world that is both male and female. Divided We Fall, United We Grow.

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