Birth of an Idea

Today I would Like to share with you some of our History. No, I will not always spell correctly or use proper puncuation or even grammer but I am sure you will enjoy the read.

Lahaina Family Farms began November 9th 2009. Tim and Harline Moyer Met Brittany Moyer and Cameron Van (Now Bittany’s husband) at the bottom of the hill on Punakea loop. Tim & Harline had just boated onto Maui riding the Super Ferry from Ohau to Kahului. Brittany and Cameron had arrived a day earlier from their WWOOFing adventure in Australia.

Tim had an old dodge van that he acquired a year or two earlier which he used while he experienced Maui, as Tim puts it, ” homeless.” He wanted to break away from his university aged children and be alone on Maui for a few months in 2008 to see if Maui truly was the place that he wanted to live for the 2nd half of his life. Once he made his mind up he invited any of his 7 children that wanted to join him to become a part of  a “new adventure”. Homesteading on Maui. On a mountain. Above Lahaina, a place known as “the place of unmerciful sun.”

Tim had been coming to Maui ever since he was 18 years old. At first with his Mother Marilyn and later with his children. It was settled: Maui was the place.

Since several of Tim’s children were up for the adventure, they collectively decided to name their property Lahaina Family Farms.Tim had a vision of building a place where people could come and visit to learn about sustainable, off the grid organic farming.  A place that he and his Family would develop together and live in community free of unnecessary stress and and negative influences.

Tim Had great insight: The following is what Tim Wrote in July of 2009 when he saw that “his dream property” was for sale….

Lahaina Family Farm-Who we are…. “Future in advance”

Building of a family community that reaches out.
I have a 69-acre parcel of land in Maui Hawaii. I have many locations on the property for dwellings for all of my family members to enjoy. I have an agricultural business, we grow product to sell.
We sell at our roadside stand and in our Barn Store:
Banana Bread
Coconut candy
Chocolate candies (fudge)
Air harvested pure Hawaiian Water
Bathe Salts scented with smells from our farm
Soaps produced and scented from our farm
We silk screen t-shirts and sell them to tourists
We provide a magnificent place to have weddings
“Gratitude rocks” with $ going to charity.
We have a farm plan and always work towards perfection.
My life partner loves me unconditionally. She has known me for a long time, she believes in me. She loves making “My world” pleasant and peaceful-orderly-clean. She feeds me and makes me foods that are healthy; Food that I like to eat. Food served at proper times with my body clock. She supports and is respectful and grateful for me. She never makes me jealous.
I serve her and treat her with respect. Teach her about people, business. She is the glue that holds my family together. I provide for her and set her up and help her earn financial security enough to live comfortably for the rest of her life and the lives of those she wants to care for. I honor and cherish her. She is my Life Partner.
I am grateful for her. I never give her reason to be jealous.
My family works with me. They all love working near each other. We eat communally many times each week. We each help each other. No one is a drag on the others, We barbeque at the beach often. The men free dive for fish. The entire family surf quite often.  We are a family that truly enjoy and mostly prefer to be together.
Our farm and business brings us more money than we could imagine as a group. We give to many charities and find and help people in need.
When we travel we enjoy ourselves. We live to enjoy life and as a part of that enjoyments is enjoying one another and understand and embrace our differences and different abilities. We communicate with each other no only about business but our inner most feelings with each other,
Our farm (Lahaina Family Farms) is a place of peace and tranquility, It is an Eco farm completely self-sustaining. We sell carbon credits for income. We grow, roast, package, and sell our products from our farm.. We give farm tours, share our way of life with tourists and who ever want to visit our farm. We are all grateful for what we have and what we build and what we have been able to do.
We practice a daily practice of gratitude. We understand that an unhealthy EGO can lead to “easing God out”, for this reason we give each other permission to speak into one another’s life to insure that an imbalance never takes root and fester into an unhealthy self image leading to divisiveness, jealousy, greed or covetousness.
Tyler, Thomas & Bon work together (as men and brothers) to build, secures, Market and maintains the farm. Tyler deals with international (Korea relationships). Thomas Deals with Worldwide Internet marketing operations and (Viet Nam relationships) Bon deals with (Pilipino relationships and marketing), he also is in charge of the Historical authenticity of the on-site tours and public relations including attending civic club meetings.
Mike Thrift over sees the farm sustainability. Including Solar, Wind, Anaerobic digester, Bio-Diesel production and modification of vehicles to operate on low impact fuel along with all refuge recycling and carbon credit accumulation. Mike also oversees animal operation and sustainability. He is the farm operations manager. He also serves as our resident expert in farm operations and frequently conducts in depth tours of “Lahaina Family Farms”.
Harline, Brittany, Maria work together to operate the hospitality part of our operation.  Tiffany operates our Spa business. She provides spa treatments to our guests and others. We have a location on our farm and a daily time when YOGA practice is offered for any one wishing to begin their day in such a way.
Harline takes the lead in out hospitality and Bed and Breakfast operations. She over sees the family garden and overall operations of all guest and tour operations. She interfaces with our franchisees with respect to web cast programming. She works with Maria and interns for wedding coordination.
Brittany is responsible for all financial record keeping and retail inventory operations. She is the company CFO. She also works with Harline in the family garden and is in charge of the company’s database, mailings and guest contact. She is also our Chief compliance officer that insures that all licenses, permits, insurance and Human resources issues along with all governmental regulations making sure every “T” is crossed an every “I” is dotted.
Maria works in each department; including marketing, financial, farm operations and is our aesthetic coordinator. She also over sees operations in our retail operations as well as our Internet fulfillment center.  Works with Harline and interns with wedding coordination.
Lourdes is the Family cook. She prepares meals for all that attend 3 times per day. She also works as Harline’s assistant in the Bed and Breakfast operations and helps where needed. She also helps in the family garden and in the Gift shop.
Ashley Thrift is our educational coordinator. She works 2 months per year on island conducting weeklong camps and daily educational seminars for the local community. Once grand children arrive Ashley is responsible for Family summer camps.
The spouses that work for businesses outside of the family business, leverages their position in the workplace to promote and market Lahaina Family Farms.
Our life partners all subscribe to the concept that “a life without unnecessary drama is a life worth pursuing”. In that vain, we all work together to maintain an environment free from unnecessary stress and conflict.
Truc Moyer is the family Farm Grant writer and scientific hybrid coordinator. She is the lead person in our product development.
Cameron Vann over sees the silkscreen operation and works with Mike Thrift on farm sustainable issues. He is also responsible for fire protection and prevention-maintains firebreaks and emergency procedures.
We video conference to our franchised coffee shops all over the United States our Farm and have franchisees cross promote and market our farm and Bed and Breakfast. Our Video broadcasts are also available to everyone that has the Link. We have a goal of 1million visitors to our farm by the year 2020 either in person or from the Internet. We provide original music and many Artists to provide the music to the world from Lahaina.
Our company is known worldwide and is well thought of. Our coffee is considered to be some of the best product grown in the world.
One of the most recognizable marketing tools is that each family member drives a brightly colored VW “Thing” that has signage letting the viewer aware of Lahaina Coffee Company.
As a family we subscribe to universal principles with respect to money, gratitude, never allowing disagreements to fester-resolve conflict with one another. We set personal and family goals and as a family meet intentionally one time per year in a retreat setting to revisit our family and personal goals. We trust “inspired thought”.
As a family we honor Marilyn Moyer’s and our own reverence for Maui and the Hawaiian people and their way of Aloha. We practice Aloha on a daily basis. We strive to assist biological and non-biological family members achieve their dreams.
Each family member has an intern each year that they mentor and provide knowledge and wisdom to. Each person mentored will be taught truths about farming and general operation of how a family business operates while maintaining a harmonious relationship with each other.
Interns come to us for 3 months to one year from all parts of the world. They raise their own support to sustain their financial needs during their tenure. Each intern brings their own unique and diverse prospective and along with their learning are given projects to complete while they are at Lahaina Family Farms. Projects range from marketing, IT, video link technology, Irrigation, mechanics, carpentry, sustainability projects, animal caretaking, furniture making, Barista training, Retail shop training, internet marketing, Local “Gorilla” marketing projects, Organic horticulture, Silk screen operations, Salt making operations, Salt making operations, office administration, Yoga training, Hospitality, Farm tours  and many other aspects of our Family Farm operations.
We have other full time members of our “family” that provide specific expertise such as mechanical repair, carpentry, agriculture, horticulture, Refrigeration, Landscape maintenance, Property maintenance, and maintaining our information technology.
“Feel good” is our daily priority. Physical, mental, and spiritual health is a priority. We fill ourselves with Love and have learned to be worthy and deserving of loving ourselves. By giving Love to ourselves we have the capacity to Love others.
We embrace our biology.; White, brown, Asian, Polynesian, European we believe that we bring a world prospective to our family and in return to our guests. We” think good thoughts” with respect to ourselves and our family on an hour-by-hour basis. For our relationships to work we focus on what we appreciate about each other rather than dwelling on any negatives, we focus on the strengths of each other. We show others Love and respect.
All family members commit to 100 or more days “off island” (traveling)  to regenerate thought and diverse experiences. Travel (off island) is important to gain a world prospective of needs and opportunities as well as understanding changing trends.

The first night- November 9th 2009:
We grabbed our gear. Sleeping bags, coolers, a mash-eddy and a flashlight and started the long hike up the 1500 foot (up hill) horse trail and then another 1000 feet bushwhacking through trees and brush until we found our first flat area. It was about 20X20 and had rocks and stickers on it, but it was flattish. That is where we set up camp. (This is now known as the intern area)……………….

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